An absolutely great experience. I had been looking to get a tattoo for a long time, and finally decided to act on it. I spent a long time searching for tattoo spots in Nashville, and finally settled on this one, as it seemed to cater to the style of tattoo I was interested in.

The first thing I did was send in a tattoo request. I had the idea of the tattoo, but am not artistically inclined in any way, so I did not select any artist preference. After a few days (as promised on the site) I received a call from Brandon Henderson. He had seen my request and was interested in taking on the project.

Brandon and I discussed the tattoo for a good amount of time until we were both happy with the design, at which point I made the appointment. When I went to finally get the tattoo, the shop could not have been a more amazing place. A clean, bright, and relaxed atmosphere. Everyone there was friendly and it was a pleasant experience. I met with Brandon and he started working on the tattoo. This was my first tattoo, so I was slightly anxious, but Brandon did such a great job and seemed so professional that I wasn’t worried at all. I still have to make a second appointment to finish the coloring of the tattoo, but so far it is looking absolutely great! I will update when the tattoo is complete.

Pricing was also incredibly fair. I can’t say enough good things about Kustom Thrills! Thank you guys!
— Stewart S, Yelp
I purchased a Living Social deal for Kustom Thrills after reading all of their reviews online. Everywhere you look, it’s the same response - they are the best. So, I took my chances and bought the deal. After finding what I wanted, I contacted Kustom Thrills via their website, received a call back that day, and an appointment scheduled for today. they seem to treat every customer the same, walk-ins, folks with a few tattoos, no tattoos and a lot of tattoos. There is nothing intimidating about the experience here as they are completely unpretentious and very friendly. I was instantly at ease, even though it’s been 10 years since my last tattoo. Brandon was GREAT to work with, and really appreciates all of his customers. I highly recommend this place and will go back for any other tattoos that I get!
— Kelly O, Yelp